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"I want to thank the guys from your company that fumigated our house for wood borer last week. Thanks to them, the transfer has gone through without a hitch. I will be keeping your number handy should I ever have a pest problem in the future. Thank you"

Yuliana A

"Jason did a great job last night. I went out to check the bees nest this morning, and true to his word, not a sigle bee in sight. The price was also very good. I will use you again if I ever need pest control in future. Thank you."

Makenna H

"Thank you pest control. The ants and cockroaches are totally gone now. Great job. Thank you."

Lyman X

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Pest Control in Southend

Pest Control in Southend

Good day and welcome. We are Port Elizabeth Pest Control. The Pest Experts covering all aspects of structural pest control throughout Southend and all surrounding areas.

Weather your pest problem is a small ant job in a small basement or front porch of a massive cockroach infestation we should be your first port of call for all structural pest control issues you might be facing commercially or in your home.
Here in Southend, we have local pest experts willing to help. Our friendly staff are trained and qualified to give you the best service or advice to ensure guaranteed pest eradication, no job is too big or too small for us to handle.

Port Elizabeth pest control is not just your run of the mill pest extermination service, we have applied an integrated pest management service throughout the board. We work tirelessly with clients to root out the cause of infestation. Treat it with the most effective least toxic option. We help implement recommendations set to ensure professional pest control in any environment.

Below is a list of the more common pests we take care of on a regular basis:

cockroaches, german, oriental, american and all casual indigenous species. All species of flying insects such as moths, mosquitoes or gnats and flies. casual intruder insects such as thrips, ants, lice or millipedes.
We use the most advanced chemical technology available in the South African market to tackle hard to control biting insect problems such as bed bugs, fleas, mosquitoes or even bird lice.
We also have a skilled team of bird proofing experts ready to give quotes for nettling or bird spiking.
Also to add to the list of services we deal with stored product pest control, weevils, gannary mites or even meal moths or beetles we identify the pests and treat them accordingly.

Give the experts a call right away, out staff are available to take your call 24 hours a day

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